September 16, 2014

Joe Speaks Up About The NFL, Ray Rice and AP

 Time for Joe to come out of his self-imposed sexual torture dungeon to talk about the NFL. Specifically the latest embarrassments to the NFL brand which are Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Now these aren't isolated incidents, there are other players who are in just as much trouble as Rice and Peterson but no one cares about their domestic abuse, rape accusations or guilty convictions... they don't put butts in the seats. I come back to that in a bit.

Let's start with Ray Rice. Tough guy. Coward. Piece of shit. Woman beater.

Look Ma', this is the muscle I used to knock out a far weaker woman
Ray Rice, former Baltimore Raven running back, knocked his then fiance the fuck out because she probably dissrespted him. She spit in his face, they went into an elevator and he took his NFL conditioned frame and laid her out.

There's nothing more you can say about it. Wait, yes there is.
Fuck him. Fuck the prosecutors for not throwing this immature, millionaire in jail for 1st degree assault. Fuck Roger Goodell for fucking up his handling of it which will probably lead Ray Rice to win an appeal and get re-instated next year. He should be banned from the NFL, fired, never allowed to play again. If he gets reinstated I hope that no team will touch him, black list him, turn their backs. But they won't...
Next up is Adrian Peterson and his indictment for abusing his 4 year old. Let me jump right into it, STOP PLAYING THE BLACK SOUTH CULTURE CARD!!! STOP IT!!! No one give a flying fuck how your Civil Rights era grandmother whipped you, you don't do that now! If Adrian didn't know this then HE SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD SEVEN KIDS FROM SIX WOMEN!!!

Needs to learn to text in English
I am sick of Adrian being placed on a high horse as an upstanding player, community service, blah blah. He's an ego driven, immoral piece of shit too. Like a winning race horse out to stud he fucks anything that moves. One of his children that died last year, at another man's hands, he never met and didn't know the kid was his (reportedly). Upstanding player?

Here's the picture of his 4 year old son after AP used a switch on him. This picture was reportedly taken a week after the whipping and the thing is still bleeding. Think about how it looked after the fact. This was delivered by the most physically fit, powerful humans on the planet. Adrian is a monster, freak of nature when it comes to physical ability. He uses that power over and over again with a flexible stick in his hand on a 4 year old that has no comprehension on what he did or why this guy that says he's his dad is beating him.

My conclusion. The NFL and DERP Goodell are hesitant to act on this because of the NFL brand and one thing only - money. Until the money stops coming in, advertisers stop paying and the owners lose money nothing will be done of any substance. That's the truth.

People are stupid and will continue to pack in the stadiums, their outrage won't out-weigh the prices they already paid to go watch the game.

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August 19, 2014

People Screwing Up The Ice Bucket Challenge

The latest craze going around the Interwebs is this ALS ice bucket challenge. The deal is you dump a bucket of ice water over your head then challenge friends to post them dumping ice water on their heads or they donate $100 to the ALS Association. So far this has raised millions to the ALS Association and the mega-high paid executive administrators of the charity are jumping for joy, unlike the people their charity is supposed to help. A charity getting millions more in donations is a good thing as long as a majority of the money goes to help the victims of this terrible disease and not to 'administrative' costs like most big charities. How they are doing it is working but it's sad that it had to come to this. It would also be a good guess that most of the people that are doing this challenge have no clue what ALS is or who Lou Gehrig was. (For those in that scenario ALS a.k.a. Lou Gehrig Disease).... (for those even more in that scenario a.k.a. = Also Known As)

It's sad that a gimmick like this is needed to get money rather than rely on the purpose and education around the issue at hand. Instead someone made up an Internet stunt that can be spread across the social networks and even though they are raising millions there are far more vidoes out there for the sake of doing the stunt that are doing nothing in return to the association. In a week it will fade away back to the status quo and many other attempts for the next viral stunt for another charity will begin.

I will wrap this post up with showing my favorite aspect of the Internet, stupid people. The Ice Bucket Challenge is simple enough. Fill up a bucket with ice water, lift the bucket over your head and pour the water out on your body. Even three simple steps of something a 2 year old in a kiddie pool can do brings seemingly normal people to a halt from the intellectual power needed to accomplish these steps.

Here's a video compilation of people fucking up the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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July 1, 2014


This has been another Nobody movement.
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Hobby Lobby Facts - Liberal Media Misleads You

Let's clear the air about this Hobby Lobby decision with facts and not memes... just facts.

Here is a list of all the contraceptives employees of Hobby Lobby can get for free as part of their health plans:

  • Male condoms 
  • Female condoms 
  • Diaphragms with spermicide 
  • Sponges with spermicide 
  • Cervical caps with spermicide 
  • Spermicide alone 
  • Birth-control pills with estrogen and progestin (“Combined Pill) 
  • Birth-control pills with progestin alone (“The Mini Pill) 
  • Birth control pills (extended/continuous use) 
  • Contraceptive patches 
  • Contraceptive rings 
  • Progestin injections 
  • Implantable rods 
  • Vasectomies 
  • Female sterilization surgeries 
  • Female sterilization implants 

There are four drugs/devices Hobby Lobby had a problem with they are:

  • Plan B, which is also known as the “morning after pill" 
  • Ella, another emergency contraceptive 
  • Copper Intrauterine Device with progestin 
  • IUD with progestin 

These forms of birth control that some believe can cause or are akin to abortion and therefore push the life at conception discussion. Hobby Lobby is not as simple as black and white no birth control and I am getting sick of all the liberal media fucktards reporting it like Hobby Lobby banned all contracetives and woman have no choice to their bodies... Shut the fuck up!

All the vomit speak about how women have no choice in this never talk about the consequences of making a choice to use birth control before they have to consider using an abortion pill. What about the lack of choices made? Oh yes, I forgot, we live in a society that has no consequences. No worries if I get knocked up I can just take care of it, problem solved. It's all about me as a woman, my body, my life, no one else matters. Mistakes? BAH! No such thing as a mistake if you can resolve it and wash it away with no accountability.

Hobby Lobby is not banning contraceptives. They are banning abortion drugs.

At the end of the day any company can choose what to offer, what not to offer, benefits, perks, pensions, 401k contributions... if you don't like it work elsewhere as you are free to choose where you want to work. If you need to put a little extra effort to learn or advance a skill to move on, then do it. No one is holding anyone back from doing anything that they want to do. Any answer to the contrary is lazy.

You bitch about how you can't move on and all I hear is 'I don't want to put the effort in' and I will find you 100 people who say 'Fuck That Attitude' and did just that, got better and strived for more all on their own.

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June 17, 2014

Get Educated: The 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Continuing Joe's Get Educated series of posts, we move on to the 17th Amendment of the Constitution and more importantly focusing on why it should be repealed and tossed out.

I already wrote about the 16th Amendment and how that ushered in the era of the Big Government by allowing the government to not only collect taxes on personal income but also decide the rate at which is does it without any power of the people to stop it.

The 17th Amendment took the next step of taking more power away from individual states and giving more control to the federal government, in direct opposition of the Founding Father's intentions. The 17th Amendment changed the way Senators were elected. Before the 17th Amendment, the individual state legislatures chose their Senators. This kept the Senators in check to vote and represent the state. If the Senator went against the interest of the state, they were replaced. The 17th Amendment turned the elections into a popular vote which took all the power away from the states to control or adequately represent themselves in the federal government system.

The Founding Father's intent was to create a Federalist system. Small states with a small central government. The whole idea was that the individual states had more power than the federal government. That's why the states ratified the Constitution giving the federal government the amount of power granted by the states. The 16th and 17th amendments were designed to reverse that design, giving more power to the federal government while at the same time removing the ability of the states to do much about it.

This was the beginning of the turn to the bloated, debt creating big government that we live under now. How much power do the states have to resist or refuse federal control. Very little. Exactly against the Found Father's intentions. America is slowing turning into the system that the Found Father's fled from.

Now with the power hungry federal politicians in control any attempt to repeal this power giving amendment would be met with a fury of "Anti-Democracy" attacks. Ironically the 17th amendment is one of the pieces of a much larger system that has turn the federal system to pure anti-democracy.

Get educated about how things work. Just because it exists in our systems today doesn't mean it belongs or should have been introduced in the first place.

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May 23, 2014

Remember What Memorial Day Is About?

Do you remember what Memorial Day is about? Looking at the retail locations Memorial Day is Miller Lite, Bratwurst and a day off of work.

The sacrifice of the brave, America loving, volunteers to fight and die for the fat freedom lovers to buy their Miller Lite, brats and enjoy a day off of work. Maybe they will catch a few minutes of Saving Private Ryan on AMC or watch an episode or two of Band of Brothers, but beyond that the memorializing act of Memorial Day is a lost art.

I wouldn't be surprised if the society under the Obama administration would try to classify showing support for the military's fallen an act of racism and discrimination. We already have Homeowner's Associations all across the country implementing self imposed Anti-American dictatorship and banning the American Flag being hung.  What's worse is Congress hasn't moved forward and created a law to prohibit any dumbfuck preventing the American Flag being displayed anywhere.


Remember the fallen and why they fell. Do so without politicizing their memories with bullshit, anti-war, vomit speak. They died for your ass. If you don't like it leave. Go elsewhere and try to spew your quasi-intellect to another government's face and see where it gets you.


God bless the fallen. God bless America.

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May 14, 2014

Get Educated: The 16th Amendment Of The U.S. Constitution

This is the first post of a series of posts around very important topics and issues every educated American needs to know. The more we know the less willingness we will be to allow certain things to continue or build the momentum to eliminate them from our society.

The best starting point is to begin with the two amendments of the constitution that ushered in big government and the beginning of the unfolding of what the founding fathers intended. The 16th and 17th amendments both ratified in 1913, a bad year for America, and changed the power of the federal government and the states forever.

A little background on how the American government worked prior to these additions. During the 9th century the American government received most of their funding through excise taxes, imports and tariffs, which kept the annual spending around 2% of the GDP. Today we are almost at 25%.

The 16th Amendment 
The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration. 

What does this mean? The government can collect taxes directly from you and not have to take in account population when it uses said money. If one richer state pays more, the lower income states can get a disproportionate amount back. 

This amendment was the first step in creating the Big Government machine. Allowing the government themselves to tax their spending sprees instead of relying on American production of goods to fund the government. 

This also lessened the power of the states and put the government in a position of influence over the states. Most of the state funding now comes from federal grants which are fueled by income taxes from the people in the states. Since the government, constitutionally anyway, is prohibited from forcing individuals to purchase goods and services from the government (Obamacare not withstanding) the funding is held hostage.

When you look at highway funding, which is a huge expense, back in the 70s and 80s the federal government couldn't force the states to have the speed limits max at 55mph. However, what the government did instead was not give any money to a state that had their speed limits above 55mph. The same goes for the drinking ages, that can't force 21 years old, but hold money back unless they do. 

This is the power and influence the federal government began to grab through this amendment. The fundamental purpose of the founding fathers to create a government restricted by the will of the people and the states was cracked with this. 100 years after the amendment was put into law the government has grown by leaps and bounds and spending has gotten out of control. Even today the government continues to look for more ways to tax us to submission. Very soon we will see the Value Add Tax (VAT) and we can't ignore Obamacare as a bloated, forced tax and purchased service. I don't care if the radical judges call it a 'fee', it's pure existence is a tax. A non-optional tax with financial penalties to the government if you don't buy or pay for the government service. 

Get educated and really learn what's out there, around us and supposedly in existence to make our lives better.

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May 13, 2014

Are You F'ing Kidding Me: Kids Charged With Bullying And Not The Parents?

Fasten your seat belts here we go again. Climb aboard the society that we have allowed to flourish and grow.

Bullying is the buzzword for the next decade to protect and soften reality for our precious little snowflakes. Perpetuating the consequence-less world and softening everything around them. Kids get in fights, kids get beat up, tormented, called names and have been for thousands of years and will continue to do so.

Shit, even Spock was bullied on Vulcan. Didn't you see Star Trek?

Leave is to California to take the insanity level to 11 and set the stage for the rest of the country to make our precious children bigger pussies than they are now. A town wants to charge kids as little as kindergarten with a crime for bullying. Are you fucking kidding me? Really?

If you want to truly tackle bullying you have two options that will solve the issue. These options will NEVER be attempted because they are assertive, forceful, and will actually solve the problem.

1) Turn the tables on the bully and put the fear of God into the little shits through severe punishments which include but not limited to physical methods (a.k.a. Spanking). Bully the kid to stop being a prick. Back in the days when the teachers could punish the kids themselves without a lawsuit, that was the only discipline those kids got. Now, teachers get suspended for saying bad words to the fragile angels.

2) Go after the parents of the bullies, hard. They are legally responsible for all their actions, hold them to it. If their fuckup child wants to take out his home angst on others then the parents need to deal with the consequences. Period. Force them to pay for their delinquents to go to a private school with other bullies and let them bully it out for top fuck-up.

Bonus Options) Get your kids into karate self defense classes and teach them to stand up for themselves.

Truant officers, forced foster homes, jail time, tools from the past long forgotten. Back in the good old days it was seen as death sentence if someone threatened to 'Call Your Father'. Now, in this entitlement rich pussification society the kids have no respect for authority. The parents are at fault. No one else. The parents.

You can create all the legislation you want and none of it will solve anything, only make the snowflake makers feel better. Address the bullying issue at the source, the bully himself. We have created a society, school system, legal system that has allow bullies immunity to be aggressive assholes. They know there won't be any consequences that matter because they can turn around and threaten to sue if you go near them. This is the issue with bullying at its core. If a kid wants to push around a smaller kid, then have a bigger kid push the bully around and show him what it feels like. Force respect back into the psyche.

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May 9, 2014

Watch Women Try To Sing While Having An Orgasm

The Internet is a medium for talented people from around the world to share their brilliance and creativity in their works. Here is a prime example of why the Internet is the greatest invention on the planet. A Dutch girl group called ADAM released a wonderful music video. Besides the song being catchy the women are trying to sing it while having an orgasm.

You just can't get better than this on a Friday morning.

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May 8, 2014

Topics Americans Need To Know And Understand - Get Educated

I am Joe Nobody but I am thinking I should start calling myself Pissed Off American. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and we are all letting it happen. It has become clear that people do not know what's going on, the course this country is on, liberties that are being taken away, and no one is listening. Does no one care what the world is doing outside of Level 135 of Candy Crush?

Are we that far gone now?

No. Education is the key and if people aren't going to go out and get educated on their own I will put it in front of them. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink, I get that, but at least I tried.

I have been collecting topics to cover in detail and I am around 30 items. 30 blog posts of education, a taste of what is out there and happening as well as the important historical background. These topics I have chosen and researched are important to know, study and understand for all Americans.

A few of the topics are Geoengineering, The Federal Reserve System, The 16th and 17th Amendments, False Flags, Cloward-Piven Strategy, and so on... all topics that have far reaching impact on America today and where America is heading. The more people understand and get educated the better they can be on election day when they realize that these politicians that so love don't have your best interests on their agendas.

They may seem boring and appear to be ripped from history class but they are important as these have become the small foundation stones for the gradual destruction of our own country. One all powerful government, one class (or no classes), all dependents of a single system. No freedom, no dreams, no growth, just suppression.

I need to come up with a catchy title for this series of posts... American Education, Get Educated, Wake Up America, something like that.

This has been another Nobody movement.
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