November 18, 2012

Dumb Ways To Die PSA Is Awesome (Not Made In America)

The latest viral sensation is a 100% real Public Service Announcement from Australia. The PSA is called Dumb Ways To Die and stars these cute jellybean looking people. From the start of the video you know right away that this is not American made. The video has dark humor, semi-graphic violence, and a very real message. So those by themselves make it impossible to be aired in America, because America has turned into a country of pussies worried about what others think and feel to the point of oppressive speech. America, the land of Freedom of Speech, unless you upset someone else then you need to watch what you say.

Boo fucking Hoo, go take your Xanax, wash it down with a Zinfandel anbd STFU.

I have watching this video probably a dozen times so far and the catchy jungle still makes me smile. But the real reason I love this video and message so much is that that Australians message is tailored to the dumbshits in the world walking around. All those things in Dumb Ways To Die happen all the time by stupid morons (except the space helmet thing). Don't be a stupid ass and live. Ultimately the PSA's point is to be safe around trains, which is also comedy gold as they build up to the end.

Anyway you slice it this is a fantastic video, watch it, share it, heck go find the song as a ring tone. I may even make one myself.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that put the biggest smiles on your face.

UPDATE - Get the ringtone here.

This has been another Joe movement.
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