November 28, 2012

Minnesota Considering Dropping Math Test Requirement - WTF!?!

Here's a story I came across from Fox 9 in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

You read it then read what I think about this about this abomination.

Should Minnesota drop math test requirement?
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- A Minnesota math test that will soon be tied to graduation is causing consternation among educators, who plan to push to drop the requirement.

The Star Tribune reported Tuesday that a task force reviewing state testing practices was expected to recommend breaking the link between passage of the test and graduation. Such a move would require approval from the state Legislature and governor.

The concern is that nearly one-third of high school students could be denied a diploma. Currently, students can take the test three times and can get a waiver if they fail repeatedly. But the grace period goes away with this year's sophomore class.

Exam advocates say the requirement is meant to lift standards for graduation and reduce the need for remedial courses in college.

HOLY SHIT! Stop the presses! Why is there not a national riot over this?!?!?! Am I the only one paying attention here? There are people that actually want to remove a core requirement from our education system and reduce the effectiveness of our publicly funded system. Are you kidding me?

The requirement that you have to pass math to get a diploma is not a hard requirement folks. However there is a 3 Strikes and you are a dumbass clause that if you fail the test over and over again you get a 'waiver', whatever the hell that means. Why are they not catching the kids back in 5th grade when they start multiplication and identify ones that need a little extra bump. A small percentage of kids are always going to be slower than the rest of the pack, but 33% not able to pass? That's just flat out wrong.

The concern is that nearly one-third of high school students could be denied a diploma.

Let's re-phrase that... nearly 1/3 of the kids that we have been teaching for 12 years were allowed to slide through to graduation and now cannot pass one of the requirements we are supposed to be training them for over 12 years. 12 years! So instead of focusing on the failure of the education itself, let's take it away instead. Problem solved.

Your money at work. Remember this the next time the district comes and begs for another tax increase to pay for iPads that do nothing to improve education learning.

In a time where the Liberal President, supported by the Teacher's Unions, stands up and reads from his TelePrompTer that we need to train our kids better to prepare them for the global workforce they are doing the exact opposite. Change the rules to let 33% of the graduating class leave the system without basic math skills. The high school math test is not difficult by any stretch.

What are these math-less 33% going to do when they leave High School? I will tell you what, they will complain about not being able to find a job and live off more tax payer money to support them. This is how your create entitlement mentality instead of getting these kids on a track to help themselves as well as the country. If this is the new standard to say 33% of the country's graduating class can't give change at a register and say we are going to make America #1 in the world market again they are mistaken and insane.

The current rules gives an impression of a poor education system... so change the rules.

This is the world that was chosen by the majority that would allow this shit to happen.... even be considered.


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