March 25, 2013

Jim Carrey Has Lost His Mind - Cold Dead Hand Video

Jim Carrey released is semi-hyped, anti-gun music video today and it's stuff full with as much crap as you would have thought. The summary of the song is that all gun owners are heartless, soulless evil people. This is coming from a guy who helped out on the anti-Vaccine crusade, because it causes Autism, with Jenny McCarthy. Then the joke was that McCarthy's son didn't have autism after all... whoops. Hundreds of children have died this year alone from the flu because they didn't get their flu vaccine. Thanks again Jenny, make sure you use lots and lots of soap get get the blood off your hands.

Back to Jim Carrey's new insane campaign, anti-guns. He's not saying more gun control, stiffer penalties, focus on the evil, nope. He created a music video mocking Hee Haw, Charlton Heston, and figures that have been killed by guns. John Lennon, Lincoln, etc...

The song is pretty catchy, but the lyrics are atrocious.

You watch Jim sing along doing his Andy Kaufman dance and judge for yourself.

I took a screenshot of a split second cut of a guy in the video.

Is that Tom Brady?

Tom Brady?
This has been another Nobody movement.
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