May 18, 2013

New TV Show Idea: Wife Factor

I don't watch that much TV but when I do make the rounds on the channels I come across some pretty fucked up shit. As I sit in the dark in my underwear, embossed by the radiation glow of my entertainment center I think to myself... If these pieces of shit show can get on TV, then my ideas are gold. So here's an idea of a new TV show that will turn TV on its head.

I call it Wife Factor. Forget about the cutesy show about people swapping wives in sitcom style opposites, Wife Factor takes the swapping concept and adds in true reality of societal conflicts. Fuck the Amish women being brought into the city or the religious nutball swapping with an atheist. No way. Wife Factor will make you wonder if people will get out alive.

Of course my show can only be seen on cable.

Here's the first few episodes of Season 1 that I have sketched up.

Episode 1: On No You Di'nt
Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Whitfield
We start the season off with two families in Detroit, MI,
the Jones and the Whitfields. Ironically they only live 3 blocks apart in southern Detroit yet they seem to live on two different worlds. The Jones are staunch anti-white family. Raised in the mindset that the financial destruction of Detroit is purely because of the white man. Mr. Whitfield is a manager of the local bank that denied the Jones a mortgage extension and is currently foreclosing their house and kicking them out on the street. Secretly Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield are members of the last remaining white only country club in the country. See the crazy antics when the wives switch places.

Episode 2: Ball and Chain
Mrs. McCoy
Mrs. Ballington
Another episode takes us to Arkansas' meth land where we are introduced to
the Ballingtons and the McCoys. The McCoys are a wild bunch. Mr. McCoy is a raging meth addict that beats Mrs. McCoy on a regular basis, so she's ready to make the swap. Mrs. Ballington is a recovering alcoholic and Vicodin addict and Mr. Ballington is heavily into BSDM where he's the dominatrix. I forgot to mention that in Wife Factor all aspects of the wife's duties are expected to come along with the exchange, that includes in the bedroom. Watch what happens with this recovering addict gets close to a controlling addict and how on earth will a wife that's beaten regularly deal with being dominated by a guy in a latex suit with a whip.
Mr. Ballington

Explosive Season Finale
Mrs. Wineberg
We will wrap up the first season with a bang. The ultimate Wife Factor match
up that take us over seas to the Holy Land. Here we get familiar with the Winebergs an American born Jewish family that relocated back to Israel. The other family, the Husseins, have been specifically trained to carry on the Jihad against all the infidels. Mrs. Hussien, just called woman, changes places with Mrs. Wineberg in this action packed season finale. Will we find out if anything is underneath that burka or will Mrs. Hussien discover the joys of Mazza balls? Tune in to find out!

The crazy, wacky family crossings are almost limitless in today's society. Each episode of course will drive toward a common message of unity and that our problems are petty.. blah blah blah. But sometime conflicts need to be resolved in other means.

It's a good idea that will get the ratings. Probably will never get picked up as "Too Dangerous" or some pussy crap. The viewers want it... this show won't end up on Lifetime or Logo but someone will pick it up.

This has been another Joe movement.